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Why do people succeed where others fail? What makes a person resilient to push on when to all apppearances they are doomed to failure? Is it wired into the DNA of a select few who are lucky enought to be born with greatness? After 15 years of consultation, watching business grow, seeing others fail, I can tell you the asnwer to those questions unequivocally. Success is a choice! I have seen men and women born into the most unlikely situations for success who have stubbornly fought until they made it. Likewise I have seen men and women born into success, wealth and mountains of opportunity who have become nothing! Success is a choice and if you live your whole life and never succeed it is YOUR FAULT! You are here because you want to be different, you want to be better, you want to be successful and forge your own destiny. 99% of the world is never going to try, will you?


One of my passions is working with startups to mold and market their ideas to the world. I look for unique projects that have potential and worth.

Customer Service

If I could put a finger on one of the major mistakes many companies and non-profit ministries make, it would be horrible customer service - or maybe more accurately lack of customer service. It could cost you more than you think! You can't afford to have sub-par customer service any longer.

Starting a business

If you have a passion but aren't exactly sure how to take it to the next level and start your own business, I may be able to help. My passion is helping you realize the fruition of yours.

What makes me different...

What makes me different...

I was once invited to tour the premises of a beautiful organic restaurant. As my team and I walked through the building and examined the financial status we immediately noticed major concerns. In my mind I am formulating some plans to reduce costs by almost 2/3, increase efficiency and scale with the potential of starting a chain and also supplying several large retailers with products they produce. At the request of a good friend I had come out to help them create a plan to get back into the green and grow. But unfortunately management had become so tunnel-visioned on what they were doing that they never made any changes. They wanted our opinion, they wanted us to share... but they wanted to be in control. And to this day they are still in the red. I walked out of that place shaking my head thinking, amazing idea, absolutely astonishing menu, spectacular building... but completely handicapped vision. I am not here to tell you how wonderful you are and how amazing your accomplishments have been. You hire me to tell you what you are doing wrong, what you need to change and why. My job is not to make you comfortable but rather to make you successful. If you are open to critique and you want to be the best then schedule a session today.


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