Customer Service Consultation

For Small, Medium and Large Companies – Limited Time Free Analysis and Quote

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” ~ Sam Walton

Now you may not believe WalMart has that “legendary” customer service today but that is mainly because Sam Walton is dead and the focus has been lost. But the idea he presents is very transforming and should be the goal behind your business.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a decade, there are things you are doing wrong. They say the first step to recovery is admitting. None of us are perfect, we all can learn and should be learning, the problem is many businesses become stagnant. They level out and maintain, they don’t improve.  We need to evaluate where your business is at and the steps we need to take to maximize our effect on the customer, improve relations, customer service and processes. This in turn translates into higher productivity, more repeat business, happier customers AND happier employees.

I approach each business uniquely based on it’s size, market and staff. If needed I will fly out to your location and observe your staff and processes and evaluate where you stand. My job is to critique and in a very real sense find fault. But i’m here to help you improve. I am honest and straight-forward, that is something you don’t get from most business consultants.

I was working with a business and one of their reps had been dealing with a customer regarding a very large purchase and the customer was given a estimated arrival time slot to expect their order to be delivered. The ETA came and went and the customer didn’t receive their item or an explanation. The customer had to contact the company and ask what was going on. Now, let me add, the rep was apologetic and responded quickly but this incident should never have happened.  My goal is to help eliminate problems before they occur. Perfection may be out of your reach but we can strive to get as close to it as possible.

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For Ministries, Non-profit and self-supporting organizations – Limited Time Free Analysis and Quote

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.” ~ Mother Teresa

If you have a ministry it is your passion and that is a start but it is only the start… having a dream and a passion is great but if you implement that dream poorly you can prove to be a hindrance to your own cause. There is a misunderstanding among many ministries that customer service is for businesses. The fact is, as a ministry you have a greater commitment to customer service than any business because you claim to have a higher interest and purer motives.

It is crucial that your ministry understands the power of interaction, how to deal with issues and promote the best possible customer service experience. After-all this is something you believe in, so why should it take second place? You probably are thinking to yourself,  “Sure, there are probably things we could improve on but our ministry runs pretty smoothly. We can’t afford to pay a consultant” – this is where most ministries make their mistake. You can’t afford not to. If there are things we can improve let’s improve them!

I see more stubborn ministry leaders than I do business owners. For the most part I can work with business owners, critique them be very blunt, blatantly honest and they accept it and want to do better. But I see a lot of ministries take things personal and get attached to outdated and ineffective practices and processes that hinder their work. Don’t let your pride be the stumbling block of your ministry or organization. Politics has no place here! So if your mission is your goal and you want to improve your ministry let’s talk.

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For Amazon Sellers – Limited Time Free Analysis and Quote

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~Bill Gates

One of many concerns I have with Amazon sellers is their view of customer service. For many Amazon sellers customer service is abiding by Amazon’s TOS and guidelines, that means accepting returns within 30 days etc. But is that really customer service? I am not suggesting you should do away with all your own policies and let everything go, but I am suggesting that perhaps not every case is cut and dry. And it’s not always just what you say but how you say it. Cold, snippy, disinterested replies are common on Amazon from sellers… is this how you want to represent your business?

I know you’re probably thinking “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… whatever, who cares?” – you should care. Not only for the principle but because it does affect your business. Did you know that poor customer service – I am talking about a cold disinterest, you do your job but that’s it – can actually negatively impact your business and sales on Amazon? Here are a few ways:

#1. BuyBox eligibility.
The BuyBox is a highly sought after and coveted spot to hold as a seller. It usually means a large portion of the sales of that product and in some cases almost all the sales. The BuyBox position is a very complex algorithm but we do know a few factors that play a big role. Feedback rating below 90% hinders your ability to win the box and a feedback rating below 80% jeopardizes you even further. A high return rate on a specific item can cause you to lose the BuyBox as well. And your ODR rate and overall Amazon health rating is also factored in. So in other-words how you treat your customers can determine whether you make that next sale or not.

#2. Negative feedback and reviews
Failing to properly deal with customer concerns can result in negative feedback on your seller account and/or a negative product review.  This can in turn translate into lost sales. In my experience if your product is good 95% of customer concerns can be resolved on happy terms without resulting in a negative feedback/review. Attempts should be made to resolve negative feedback concerns and if the feedback is invalid we can help you get it removed from your account.

#3. AtoZ Claims
While AtoZ claims are dreaded most of them are actually avoidable. And there are a number of ways we can avoid them. Our clients maintain a maximum ODR rate of .1. If your account is higher than .5 ODR you should contact us immediately. Avoiding suspension is much easier than having your account reinstated.  A high number of AtoZ claims can also mean a loss of the buybox position. And worse, as we just touched on, it could mean suspension of your Amazon account. I see so many people post on the Amazon Seller Forums asking for help AFTER their account has been suspended. Ask now… fix the issues now so you don’t have to worry later. A ounce of prevention is surely worth a pound of cure.

Contact us now about your Amazon account. We will analyze your Amazon business from the customer service level to the product back to your standing with Amazon itself. We will evaluate concerns and issues and create a plan to fix them. And we will also give you suggestions to improve your productivity and sales. We can help you get invalid feedback removed and educate you on how to win AtoZ claims and defend yourself against chargebacks – and more importantly how to prevent most of them from happening in the first place.